Now that Crypto is reaching ATHs again. There will a lot of new people joining crypto, instead of mocking them for not knowing the basics. Let’s help them and give them a fun environment!


Always, during bull runs a lot of new people get interested in crypto to join in on the hype! Which is good for crypto because we like adoption!

A lot of them won’t know the basics, like Market Cap, difference between good and shitcoins and a lot of other stuff.

Instead of mocking them for thinking Shib can reach $0.1, teach them about market cap and how it’s almost* impossible for that to happen.

*almost because nothing in crypto is impossible.

This sub did teach me a lot, but I was a lurker and I didn’t ask any questions, I only read other people’s question and people answering them. Most of them were nice, but some were not so nice.

Do your part for helping crypto grow!

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