Now that a lot of the ‘hype’ has died down, what are your views on ‘Metaverse’ projects? What are you excited about, and what is missing?


The main issue I have had with a lot of projects is that they are still in the ‘promises’ stage of development. I have a lot of excitement myself, but also have been disappointed with what I have first hand experienced thus far.

Many have has land or other sales, but yet to have a real product to interact with. This is especially true for the non-Ethereum Metaverse projects. I have explored some of the complete products on Ethereum, but I find the true Metaverse projects to be a bit of a ghost town, and the one’s with a focus on gameplayer to have had pretty poor gameplay and I couldn’t see myself playing them for very long in their current states.

What thoughts does this community have?

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