November will bring us the biggest bullrun in the decade!


We all can be very happy to have invested in crypto before November 2021.

Once November starts, the bullrun will be so overwhelming that it will be a mark in human history. This will start a golden decade for us all. People in the future who hasn’t invested in crypto yet, will all be jealous and envy us who have bought crypto before November. We all will be very fortunate, rich and wealthy.

I told you guys and gals last month already that October was just the start. Some doubt that because they were naive and were shocked by the post-El-Salvador crash, but the market recovered very fast. Anyone who bought when I told them about “Uptober” made a lot of profit.

Tldr…in November: biggest bullrun humanity have ever seen

EDIT 1: Caution: This post could lead to hopium overdose. thanks goes to u/xXxQUICKSILVERxXx for this advice

EDIT 2: thank you all for the awards!!! Let’s us all be happy and have a lot of gains together! crypto community strong together! I wish all of your coins to shoot up in price, it will happen!

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