Not trying to “burst your bubble” but some may need to read this.

Not trying to “burst your bubble” but some may need to read this.


When the markets pump, even a little, there’s lots of talk about exotic cars, being set for life etc. I don’t want anyone discouraged in anyway about Crypto, it can be a way for people to change their lives in some capacity. However it’s important to be realistic with the end result. It’s fun to joke about when we all get Lambos the hardest chart to decide on will be the color catalog.

The not-so fun truth is that a vast majority of us will not be rich. I heard a few numbers but it seems the average person on here has $400-$600 invested. If you become exceptionally successful lucky, and your portfolio hits 100x, that 60k will not buy financial independence. However depending on where you are in world that money could help greatly, for me it would be a fairly decent down payment on a house, but that’s it.

For those who don’t know, a good way to get an idea of max price, it’s to fully understand ‘market capitalization’ (price of coin x total supply of coin). This is why your fractions of a penny coin that “just needs to hit a dollar” will not do so since it would be 80x Bitcoin’s current market cap.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment, however we can make some money and change things up in our lives.

Best of luck.

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