Not investing into ETH or BTC because “it’s too expensive already” is simply foolish


If I had a penny for every newbie who came here and said that he or she aint investing into ETH or BTC because it’s already so expensive is really not something that you want to do as a newbie.

ETH has seen a big boost to its price, but at the same time it’s barely just begun. We haven’t even seen the real adoption of crypto yet. The upcoming Ethereum 2.0 network upgrade is a massive overhaul from the current slow and inefficient network.

Of course, small mcap alts have potential to give bigger returns on investment but that’s at the expense of far greater risk. Sure, some micro caps have prices like $0.001 or such, but keep in mind that total supply and mcap play a crucial role in the value of the coin. Thats why seeing meme coins at 100$ is simply impossible.

I’m balls deep in alts but I’m not ignoring BTC or ETH because it’s “too expensive”. You don’t need to buy a whole coin, you can have a small percentage so there is no point in not having some more stable investment in your portfolio.

TLDR: Don’t dismiss the big mcap crypto looking at the price only.

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