Not holding Ether right now is like not holding Apple in 2010


Literally every single decentralized application is built on Ethereum. It is the App Store of crypto currencies. Now that the supply is limited, not holding Ether is insanity. There is only 120m Ether and that number will only decrease. To put things in perspective, there is only 0.015 ETH for each human alive. For a comparison, there is $150 per person alive (M1 money supply / 8 billion humans). If Ether becomes one of the backbones of the worldwide internet economy – and who on this subreddit doubts it will at this point? – then it will reach 1000x its current market cap, over the next decade.

I see people here buying all sorts of shitcoins – almost all living in Ethereum – but not Ethereum itself. That is like buying stocks of that old Candle App or Beer App on iOS, but not buying Apple stocks. How is that not utterly stupid?

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