Not having enough FIAT to invest in crypto feels bad


I do a work with a lot of responsibility but the people i work for are basically slavers and pay a misery.

Now let’s add, a girlfriend who lives in another city and unfortunately doesn’t have a work so everytime i want to see her i have to spend 70-80 euros just for high speed train (one way, 140-160 for 2 tickets) + all other kind of expenses.

At the end of the month i basically have nothing left to put in crypto, and this makes me feel bad becouse i know i’m not building my future like this.

I know there’s people in situations worst than mine, and i feel you. I personally try to save money as much as possible, i also sold everything i could sell that i don’t use anymore to have that extra cash to invest.

Every little amount we can afford to invest (and to lose, never forget this) is worth, i wish i had those 20k to invest like some of you, unfortunately i don’t, so best i can do is build this slowly but steadily.

Sorry for the rant, have a nice day

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