Not falling for the dip of the DIP again.


Seriously, I have my plans and I have my strategy. But I got blindsided by the recent dip. It dipped nicely then the market decided it wants to dip massively right after I bought what I thought was a steal. Now if we’re averaging down, yes I did average my % down overall, but I could have been in a much stronger position.

Whales are playing games atm, many feel this is the final leg of the bullrun and some whales understand this. On one hand if they can shake as many out before the biggest run up this year, they get monumental profits.

On the other hand, if they can convince everyone the run up may still come and plunge us into a bear market then these small dips followed by a larger crash (then a green run before a rinse repeat), it can achieve the same result but just more subtle.

Anyone else feel a bit shaky, almost like you don’t know what to trust for the moment? I have my fiat ready but these whales are gaming hard. I won’t put in more than I can afford to lose but man, always remember you don’t know what’s coming next, so be careful and don’t just throw it on the table if you know you need that money. Dollar cost average and save some for a potential bear run, this is how you beat these bastards.

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