Not Everyone has thousand of dollars to invest, some of us in this space started from scratch and little by little we are building our future with no “Dad’s Money”


I’m not ashamed to accept that my first investment was $20, yes $20 because that’s I could afford and that’s all I could afford to lose.

Then I started doing my research how crypto is the future and earlier adopter will be the future millionaires, I know with my investment I might not be a future millionaire as long as I’m able to support my family with the little profits I have I’m more happier than ever.

I even recently mentioned in one of my comments how I took little profits to help my mother’s out in electricity bill and I specifically told her it was because of crypto.

Now my investment is not $20 after investing little every chance I got and crypto profits now I have enough which I can survive on for 6-7 months.

And I’m in this space for a long term because I’m not here for a Yacht I’m here for something I never imagined I could ever possibly own. My first dream is to have a house which is not 1 bedroom.

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