North Korean hackers Behind the $100M Harmony exploit, got full access by Harmony employees log-in info…What the heck?!


According to the Bloomberg, the culprit behind one of the biggest hacks this year, more than 100 million worth Harmony bridge exploit, is the Lazarus Group. Lazarua Group is a known North Korean hacking group which has been involved a a lot of hacks in the last few years.

Harmony which got a lot of feces flinged at, for offering “only” 1 million $ reward, never even had an option. Knowing the history of Lazarus ..they would never have returned the money.

The funny thing is that how the circumvented the protocol’s security system…the Lazarus Group targeted the username and password credentials of Harmony employees in the Asia Pacific region. Once in control, the criminals used automated laundering services to move the stolen assets at night.

How is such thing even possible?!

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