Normal Opinion: Buying or selling crypto might make or lose money.


Ok, hear me out on this. I know that the concept that you might make money is foreign to bears and the concept that you might lose money is foreign to bulls, but if you stick with me for an explanation and a (little) bit of math I think we can all be on the same page.

Let’s imagine a scenario:

You bought BTC randomly at $40K on its way down and sold it at $30K when you realized you had taken the advice to YOLO your entire savings from a 27 year old Asian girl in a catsuit on Youtube who recently left OnlyFans due to the upcoming rules and decided to start a crypto channel.

Now, aside from your Asian girl in a catsuit fetish having been sated for 20 minutes while you listened with rapt attention to someone who clearly knows less about crypto than she does about getting men (and women, no discrimination here, women can be simps too) to donate to her crypto wallet, you have not actually made any money. In fact, contrary to what was written in her thank you note which was automatically sent to you when you deposited 10% of that investment into her wallet, you did not “Go to the moon with me, sweet baby, we’ll sip milk from saucers together!”.

This is commonly known as a loss.

However, before the bears start to feast on salmon and gloat in an “I told you so!” manner, let’s consider another scenario:

You bought $500 bucks worth of DogeCoinMegaCumMoonShot at 0.0000000000000000001. Later that day, Elon Musk tripped on the way to the bathroom and accidentally tweeted “Our newest rocket from SpaceX is going to the moon and dcmcms” social media exploded with speculation until a 7 year old from Saskatchewan asked her dad “Isn’t that the same as your favorite coin?” and he promptly let the world know of Elon’s newest favorite cryptocurrency. The price of the coin jumped to 0.00000000000001 and now you’re a millionaire (I think, I just deleted some zeroes, I’m not going to check the math, it’s a scenario, FFS).

This is commonly known as a gain, and even a bear has to understand that 5 million fish is more than 5 hundred fish.

Ok, good luck on your crypto journey, and don’t feed the bears.

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