No, this is not the “perfect time to buy”. Don’t catch falling knives.


Beware of people saying this is the perfect time to buy. In hindsight it is a very good advice if it goes back up and 10x the price, but at this point in time where there is real uncertainty in the market this is one of the worse advice you’ll hear here. Don’t hurt yourself for mindlessly buying.

Of course everyone is just afraid they’ll be a bag holder, so the initial reaction would be to save themselves, and how? By making other people buy to protect the prices. Well to be honest, this sub can’t even push the prices up anyway ¯_(ツ)_/¯

This might even go downhill even further. It’s a massive dump in a span of 3 days.

BTC is down almost down 10% ETH is down >15% Most alts I’m watchin are at least 10-20% down

It could very well go down further. Don’t catch falling knives. Just “zooming out” on the daily candles on the BTC chart, we’re obviously in a downtrend for months now, you don’t need to draw lines or use indicators to realize that.

Of course I could be wrong too and I would definitely happy to be proven wrong since I myself just made my regular DCA purchase yesterday, but at this time, this is the most reasonable advice I can think of.

Just follow your schedule if you’re dca-ing. Buying in bulk now will just hurt your average.

This might as well a warning and note to myself cause I’m damned tempted to buy some off of my schedule.

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