No, the guy who begged people to just buy 1$ worth of Bitcoin IS NOT giving any bitcoin away for his birthday


This post has gained a lot of popularity and upvotes in here and I want to correct a few things in here.

The guy Davinci Jeremie who begged everyone to buy a dollar worth of bitcoin 8 years ago is now claiming he will give away 1BTC for his birthday.

To be a part of the giveaway you have to subscribe to him on YouTube and watch his birthday video and follow the instructions.

This is a good marketing technique for his YouTube channel and his Telegram group where he “teaches day-trading” , to be a part of his Telegram group you have to buy his own ERC-20 token which acts as a subscription of the group.

He also shills various of shitcoins in his videos which are clearly paid sponsorships to rob people out of their money who think Davinci will predict another coin’s rise again.

One look at this guy’s twitter and you can see he clearly doesnt know anything about bitcoin and only follows on what other people are doing in, he has probably got back in on again the past years but in no way he has held for 8 years. Not a single person who has been a part of the crypto-community for that long would know so little about it as this guy does.

There is not a single bit of proof that this guy is a Bitcoin millionaire like he claims he is and to me he doesn’t look like one either, he is a fraud and possibly sold his Bitcoins as soon as bitcoins price took off like anyone would had done in that time.

He is not giving away any Bitcoin and only wants to promote his channel, token and his Telegram group. Once again this whole sub is blindly following fake news/announcement without a single proof.

TLDR: Once again don’t believe everything you see without proof, this guy is not giving away any bitcoin.

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