No Sell November


You’ve probably heard of No Shave November or No Nut November, well… this is the Crypto version: No Sell November.

That’s right people, I am proposing a full month of only holding and buying. No Selling Allowed! If you’re up for the challenge, it’s pretty simple. Just don’t hit that damn sell button. Market tanking? don’t you even think about it. Market surging, don’t even think about it. Just sit back, hold, and relax. If you’re feeling crazy, throw a few buy orders in or continue your normal DCA.

This isn’t meant to pump the market and I have no delusions that this will. This is just a fun way to celebrate our love for Crypto and come together as a community. Could cause a supply shock if enough people really participate in this but that’s not the point. If we want to stop shaving and hold off from you know what, you can do that too.

No Sell November, folks. It’s now a thing!

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