No-one likes to talk about this, but you should teach your partner, kids or a trusted person, how to access your crypto in case of your death


No one likes to talk about such tragic events but the fact is that if you don’t prepare for the worst, all your effort to achieve something greater, will be in vain.

There are tens of billions worth of BTC gone because the owners passed away or simply forgot the keys. All that you did, for nothing.

We usually invest alone. Of course, wives, husbands, partners, kids, and other trusted persons may know how much we have invested and what assets we hold, but rarely do they have the knowledge to actually access those investments. Ask yourself, do they know how to set up a wallet and unstake your crypto? Or access polkadot crowdloans? Liquidity pools? Even stuff like exchanges..

That’s why it’s imperative to set up a plan for those who you want to leave your crypto in worst case. Please don’t sleep on this, it’s too important to ignore.

Be safe my guys and girls and have a wonderful weekend!

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