No, of course crypto is not a safe investment. One day it will be, but when that time comes you will definitely have missed the boat.


We still see so many posts asking things like “is crypto a safe investment” or “is it safe for me to invest my inheritance in crypto” and the answer is – NO, YOU MANIAC!

How can we make this any clearer – of course crypto isn’t a safe investment. It’s a mindbogglingly stupid investment if you’re purely concerned with risk. I can think of no investment that would be more risky than crypto.

But that’s why we love it!

Honestly, if anyone in authority ever tells you that crypto is a good and safe investment, you have missed your chance. These are the last words you want to hear at the moment – it’s the equivalent of a game over screen!

To make real money in this world requires risk. Where there is no risk there is no money.

This isn’t to encourage people to FOMO into crypto when they can’t afford to – but to understand that to be successful with crypto you have to accept the danger and embrace it. It’s not safe, it’s bloody dangerous – even with a good plan in place.

But that’s the attraction!

So stop trying to rationalise it or give yourself a false sense of security. Investing in crypto is terrifying, and you need to accept that.

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