No More 4% Reward on Coinbase Card


Not sure if people have noticed this yet but I just checked and after the current rewards expire on June 10th the next month doesn’t have a 4% option or even a 3% option. There is only one 2% option, a 1.5% and a few 1% options.

Your options are 2% AMP 1.5% BTC 1% ETH 1% DAI 1%USDC

I know they announced it would change each month now but it’s still disappointing to see the 4% option disappear. Of course it’s possible to see a 4% option again in coming months but definitely not a certainty.

To all the coinbase card users what do you plan on picking for the next month? This will be the first time I’ve had to switch, definitely gonna miss the 4% XLM.

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