No Look November


I’m going to attempt to not look at my portfolio for the entire month of November. While this may seem like a dumb move given the volatility of the market, I think I just need a mental break from crypto and luckily for me, November has become a sort of non-denominational lent where people take breaks from things like shaving their upper lip and well, nutting??

I’m here for the long haul, I have no intention of day trading however I’m finding that I’m fairly addicted to refreshing my portfolio and in doing so, putting a lot of unnecessary time and effort into thinking about my investment decisions. Thing is, I’m actually really happy with my current portfolio and I THINK I can trust it to perform without me for a month.

I’m not asking for donations, I don’t think my No Look November will cure cancer, but I think forcing myself to pay attention to other things in my life will be a healthy thing even if it is for just 30 days.

If you’re feeling like your obsession with portfolio performance is taking up too much of your time, and you’re confident that not making moves for a whole month won’t bleed your portfolio dry, won’t you join me?

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