No. Governments can’t kill crypto. They only want a slice of the cake


In what ponit throughout history humanity managed to win against coming future? Answer is never. Prohibition never worked. As an Iranian I am a living witness to that. My government tried to kill VHS , then satellite dishes , then internet , then VPNs , all to no anvil. Why? Because you just can’t prevent progress. Specialy if people want that and Even more so if some of those people are very powerful. as long as there is someone to sell and another to buy , no matter illegal or not, that market gonna live. Back to US…how successful was the government war on drugs? How did it end? By marijuana becoming legal! Why a government should make something totally illegal and give away all the profit when they themselves can take a slice? That is what all these fuss are about. They want control and they want their share. And eventually they will have both. And that is much better for crypto market in the long run. We are getting hit by scams and hacks on daily basis. Largest exchanges are getting robbed. Every human being is starting a shitcoin. We need insurance for our savings and some regulations. If that means paying a percentage on tax so be it. So next time don’t panic when the federal reserve chair said something intimidating. They are smaller then the whole crypto concept. It is the future and they will come around. If they don’t someone else will.

Just stay calm and let the bear market pass

Cheers Vve

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