NFTs… Have people lost their minds?


So I’m not new to crypto and Blockchain technology. However I have not been paying super close attention to what’s been going on. Does anyone have any clue why people are paying hundreds, and even thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for stupid little pictures (NFTs)? I understand that the pictures are “unique” as non-fungible tokens are well, non-fungible. I spent a few minutes on opensea and I just can’t imagine paying $215 for an 8 bit viking with a stripe shirt. Valuable art usually has some type of historical value to it. I understand why Davinci pieces are expensive. Do people really believe that buying these NFTs means they’re going to hold them and get rich off them later on? Because to me it looks like the only people getting rich are the ones getting away with selling them first off and leaving the bag with the buyers.

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