Next few weeks are really important for BTC and Crypto


Hi all, it’s your favorite nobody again, and I’m here with a post.

Now this week is and the next few will be really important regarding the directions we will be heading. First of, BTC and most of the coins are looking for a direction. I think Crypto is doing fine, consolidating.

tHiS tImE iTs DiFfErEnT

Well yes, this time might be different, as in yes Crypto is getting more and more adoption, but don’t kid yourself, the entire Crypto space is worth about 2.15T as I write.

The stock market on the other hand. Only the NYSE is at 23T. Then you have NASDAQ at 13T, the TSX the CAC40 the DAX, China, etc, etc… The numbers are huge for stock market.

Now we get to the point, stocks aren’t looking super good chart wise, we have been going up since forever, a correction is due. You have the Evergrande thing going on in China. He US debt ceiling thing is coming up. To make it short, a few important things will happen in the next weeks.

I’m not saying this is bullish or bearish, I’m saying that the stock market will probably dictate the direction the Crypto market will take, and it’s worth keeping an eye on it.

Stay safe out there and make good decisions, always having a bit of cash on the side to buy the dip is my advice.

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