Newbie guide: All major coins explained


The crypto space can be overwhelming for beginners, there’s just so many coins!

But fret not, I created simple explanations for all major coins to help you level up your crypto knowledge. Enjoy!

Bitcoin (BTC): The first crypto currency, created by Nvidia to boost graphics card sales

Ethereum (ETH): BTC but can also calculate your taxes

Tether (USDT): US dollar but what if the money printer had a modem

BNB (BNB): ETH but what if rug pulls were cheaper

XRP (XRP): CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) beta release

Cardano (ADA): A whitepaper became self aware, grew a beard and created a crypto currency

Solana (SOL): ETH but what if <SEG FAULT #F9E7>

Dogecoin (DOGE): BTC but what if dog

Polkadot (DOT): You throw a party for blockchains but nobody shows up

Avalanche (AVAX): ETH but you think it’s too simple and make it 3 blockchains

Polygon (MATIC): ETH but you want to run ETH on it

Litecoin (LTC): Dogecoin beta release

Uniswap (UNI): What if you wanted to swap 1 ETH worth of coins for a fee of 2 ETH

Chainlink (LINK): What if random numbers cost money

Cronos (CRO): You create a coin but you don’t like it having use cases so you remove them

Monero (XMR): BTC but what if it pissed off regulators even more

Algorand (ALGO): What if you brought democracy to a blockchain without bombing it first

Bitcoin Cash (BCH): BTC but with an insolvent CEO

VeChain (VET): What if your coin’s use case doesn’t work out so you try out a new one every month

The Sandbox (SAND): Minecraft but what if it was designed by a hedge fund

ApeCoin (APE): What if you bought an ape JPEG for 1 million USD and still had money left over

Internet Computer (ICP): ETH but what if the price chart was reversed

Filecoin (FIL): Google Drive but what if you paid Bob to store your data instead

EOS (EOS): What if you were the cool kid once but now work at McDonalds

Aave (AAVE): What if you got liquidated but it’s decentralized so it’s ok

IOTA (MIOTA): What if your toaster could trade crypto currencies

THORChain (RUNE): Created by Marvel fans to get Chris Hemsworth’s attention

Nano (XNO): A fast and feeless currency so good that nobody wants to use it

Fanboy downvotes commencing in 3..2..1

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