New to Reddit’s NFT collectible avatars? Be aware of the potential dangers associated.


Reddit collectibles have been catching on quite a bit recently. More and more users are beginning to dabble in the NFT world, myself included. But there are many dangers some users may not be aware of, some of which include Dust Attacks.

Today was my first day working with OpenSea and MetaMask; sending and receiving NFT’s, putting some up for sale, etc. I experienced my first Dust Attack within hours of beginning.

I was airdropped something suspicious, called an AIRDROP-PASS. Went straight into my OpenSea account under the “hidden” tab. Included was a headline stating: (Worth up to 5,000 USDT). Although I am a noob, I was confident this was a scam. Some users here helped confirm my suspicions. (Thank you u/RossoneriEA)

I almost fell pray to an attack on my very first day working with our communities NFT collectibles. I find this concerning, especially for other new users.

Although this may sound like beginners advice to some users, keep in mind many of us have no prior experience with NFT’s, using OpenSea, and can easily fall victim to such innocent attacks.

Please, take extra precautions. Do not interact with them in any way.

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