New Projects should understand the meaning of FUD


FUD is fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Newer projects with both innovative and non-innovative protocols need to understand that investors who have invested in them are taking a big risk – the risk of literally having their money wiped away (not to mention the existing losses due to bear market).

However, it is commonly being seen that once any new project sees a hit and investors start posting rationale based comments or question the current status of the project as to how it should revamp itself for the near future,

ALL the holders and sometimes even the project devs come out of the woodwork to call that FUD and slamming the original poster (happened with me and a lot of buddies in crypto).

This shows a sense of insecurity – do the Devs not believe in their own project that they cannot answer questions for the same? Same applies to big holders.

Post the Luna crash, it has become only normal for a lot of investors to question some alts – I understand that this is due to the fact that no one expected such a crash, but I guess the Devs should understand this.

At one point of time, I saw a user telling someone, “If you question the project, why will the new comers want to come in”?

Excuse me, what the ..?

Maybe this would be a negative opinion, but this is what I feel.

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