New investors worry the days of crypto millionaires are gone *perspective*


Here’s some perspective because people have it in their mind that a few bucks in BTC would have made you a millionaire in a few months. Bitcoin has never been the top performing coin annually, it’s just been on a dependable increase for the longest. Most investors are impatient, squirrelly and fearful that they missed the boat with no real perspective of what it would have taken and will still take to be a crypto millionaire.

$100 in Bitcoin on January 2013 and you’d have – $99.16 – six months later. – $5,587 – 1 year later.

$100 in Solana in September 2020 would have been – $480 – six months later – $6,360 – 1 year later (today)

$100 in Bitcoin on January 2018 and you’d have – $54.55 – 6 months later – $28.73 – 1 year later

Would you have held? That’s a year and you waited 365 days to lose 70 bucks. Of course you held, no sense taking back $25. Let’s keep going then – $52.38 – 2 years later – $212.87 – 3 years later

Awesome, by January 2021 your $100 in Bitcoin 3 years ago would finally be in the green, doubled even! Have you doubled your investment in anything yet? That’s a far, far underrated win, doubling your money is that kinda too good to be true shit people promise you in scams. Of course you would have made more if you invested more — the rich get richer is the ass pain of life, nothing we can do about that but doubling your money is a huge win.

The only thing I want you to take away from this is no matter what your strategy, it’s not harder to invest today, the multipliers aren’t weaker this year than they have been previously, they’re just spread out amongst more options. No not all of us will be millionaires, so everytime you see someone get impatient and sell for a loss – just know it’s not going to be him but it still could be you.

TLDR: you’re chasing a repeat of something that didn’t happen like you think it did, 10 years condensed into a chart doesn’t project the reality of the time involved. The multipliers are still here and still happening. Nothing has changed in that regard, you just have more options now.

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