Never Sell All Your Crypto To Go All In On 1 Coin!


Please, never sell all you crypto that you have in your portfolio to go all in on 1 coin. I saw someone on the dogecoin subreddit the other day and the title of his post was “Sold all my tokens and coins to go all in Doge” and I was like what the f*ck. There are also people that sold their Bitcoin and Ethereum to buy SHIB at the ATH…

I´m not surprised it came from the dogecoin subreddit but please people, diversify is one thing, diversify your portfolio is one piece of golden advice I give. If you go all in on one coin and that coin crashes you lose most of your invested money.

If you invest in several coins you have less chance of losing them (unless you choose shitcoins etc. but that is DYOR again). 2 golden guesses, DYOR and DIVERISFY. This happens too much and I wanted to share this with you warriors!

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