Never Invest with Borrowed Money, Invest your Own only


The recent dip or as we call the DCA opportunity seemed very lucrative and i did not have any funds ready to invest in so i did this big mistake of borrowing money for a few days from this dangerous person. People call her my many names i address this person as my Wife. I told her that this dip is a good opportunity to earn a quick 30-40% gains and I will return the money plus some more in a few days. Guess what the coins which i invested in have not recovered fully so i am unable to pay her back at the moment and this girl has no patience left . I have already cleaned the house, dusted everything, washed the curtains and the horror is still not over. So believe me that always invest the money you have, it’s okay if you do not have money during the dip. DO not BORROW money for investing. Believe me. I have to go do the disher now BYE

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