Netflix shows promoting crypto but always as a scam or associated with drugs or money laundering. Early or not this will eventually change!


So this week I was watching the so famous tv show “You” and also a new Korean tv show called “Extracurricular” and who’d think Crypto would come up.

Well it did and once again with a bad “connotation” to it.

For “You” it was as simple as the main character wanting to buy some drugs from a kid and the kid saying “I only accept Bitcoin”. Which on one side it promotes BTC as being associated with the black market and the drug selling world but on the other side it also makes you think that the main character was indeed investing in the coin because he ended up buying the drugs. So let’s say no promotion is bad promotion.

For “Extracurricular” one of the characters from the show has a gambling problem and ends up putting all his money into a meme coin pretty much like squid game but in the show it is called “doolycoin” and he claims to have done so because he got some inside info that it would pump. Well, 5 minutes later and it dumped hard.

Even though in both tv shows crypto is associated with bad things it is always a good sign that it is becoming famous no matter in what way. However, I think this will eventually change and people will get educated, start to trust it and avoid some of the most obvious scams.

I believe blockchain will run the future and Bitcoin can take a very important role on it. So hang on tight, do your own research and try to avoid scams. Because in the near future Bitcoin will most definitely appear in tv shows as the normal way of exchanging money and buying products and not as the most wanted criminal for digital money.

To all of you that believe in this project and got in early, I am confident that it will most definitely be rewarding in the long run!

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