Need a little Matic in your vault to cover gas fees to sell NFT? I got you.


If anybody needs a small bit of Matic ( around 0.0020 matic) to get started with selling NFT in your vault let me know and I can help you out.

Each NFT sales transaction is the equivalent of about 0.0018 to 0.0020matic gas

I just need your Matic wallet address. To get your matic wallet address.

Click on your profile picture on reddit mobile app then click on vault At the top of your screen next to where it says vault there should be three dots, click on those then click show recovery phrase Copy the recovery phrase it shows (or write it down by hand if you’re worried about security) Download Metamask to your phone (make sure to download it from your phone’s official app store so you get the legitimate thing) Click through whatever welcoming messages it gives then click import from secret phrase Paste the words you copied earlier, and create a password Once you’re in the Metamask account click at the very top of the screen where it says wallet, then click the blue add network button, then choose polygon mainnet and confirm you want to add it Select “receive” option and copy the address and paste in the comment. Cheers! 🍻

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