Nearly every crypto-project has its hype phase and then fades off. Taking profits is sometimes very necessary.


Bear market or bull market. One thing is for sure though, altcoins are never constantly on their prime. They get the hype once, moon, and then fade off. They can return or not. For this cycle of hype there are countless examples of even very big altcoins.

Take for example Solana, back in the 2021 correction SOL completly mooned and was the most hyped and loved crypto anywhere. Everyine was constantly talking about how good it and what it does. A few months later when the hype was mostly done and SOL also had its downtime. People made a 360 and started to hate it. Same cycle of hype scenario goes for ADA OR AVAX.

It’s not about the quality of then dropping but the hype. If one thing is unique on something a thousand will copy that and make it not-unique. Hype is meant to fade. If you want to profit from it then sell at a right time, holding is not always the solution.

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