NANO foundation have released the first in a series of planned network upgrades to tackle the DDOS attack


Per the email I received this morning. I’ve got so much respect for their team and the way they handle these roadblocks, I remain really confident in the long term success of NANO, it’s never been an investment for me, the way the network operates feels so similar to the growth of Wikipedia, to me at least it’s such a great execution of Satoshi’s original vision for a transactional coin.

We have released V23.1 as a hot patch to the nano node to help address some of the attack vectors being exploited. Various representatives and nodes have been upgraded, primarily those run by community members, in order to verify the impact of the changes before we begin recommending the upgrade to services and exchanges.

As the attacks continue, ongoing diagnosis is underway to observe continuing network issues. An additional patch is required as aforementioned and we hope to release these details as soon as possible.

V23.0 Release Notes >>
V23.1 Release Notes >>

Thank you for your patience and continued support of the Nano Foundation and our efforts to improve the conditions of the nano network.

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