My wife seems to have a sixth sense of market movement and crypto strategies while having no idea what crypto is.


Ever since I started investing in crypto I had to make my ”rookie mistakes” – not having the full conviction, be scared by FUD, selling too early, buying too high and so on
Ever since I started this journey I’ve been pretty open about it with my wife.

Every time I did some change to my portfolio she would make some sort of a comment either agreeing or disagreeing with me.
I remember one time in the summer, I bought ETH at around $2k, than it dropped down to $1.7k and started climbing back up, which I saw back then as a perfect get-out moment.
At that time nobody knew if we were in a bull market or a bear market and people were leaning more to the bearish side.
Aaanyway, wifey ”if you believe this thing is going to grow, just hold it”.
WOMAN, I’ve been spending hours every day on charts, metrics, videos, podcasts and everything I can get my hands on, people are worried we are going back to $15k, you don’t even know what crypto is… well, turns out she was right. Beginners luck, I thought.
This went on for more than 7-8 times with slight variations. Again, I didn’t pay much attention.

Lately I’ve been reading through different exit strategies and debating whether I should cash out in the bull cycle or keep everything staked and wait another 2-3 years. Having a baby on the way I felt like this is something we should discuss as a family.
When brought up, she said:
”I think cashing out everything at once would be risking it too much to either be too late or too early, why don’t you take out your initial investment when you’ve got 2-3x and when things get heated pull out smaller chunks untill you have like 10% in for a greater risk. When this drop comes you can put back 40% for the next time and be left with 50% for fun money.”
My jaw dropped.
WOMAN, I’ve spent literally days going through everything to come down to this strategy and you just spilled it on a saturday breakfast before you’ve even finished your coffee!

My wife is either a fuckin genious or she is hiding a ledger somewhere. No other way.
Listen to your women guys, we may not know shit about fuck, but these creatures seem to know everything fucking thing in the universe!
God damned.

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