My shitcoin gambling adventure broken down..


So my friends, I initially invested an estimated 10bnb into shitcoin fair launches.. This is my story.

With over 100 launches in the last 6 months, let me tell you.. I have seen some shit.

About 90% of the launches were either rug pull, slow bleed, or a straight up honey pot. (honey pot is when you are unable to sell and only buy.. Aka insta fucked.)

8%ish were promising launches that dealt with problems due to extreme bot issues/ exploits or hacks.

The last 4% went well, a couple did a massive 20x-50x off launch making back my returns.

All in all, I Luckily made back 11bnb out of my 10bnb.. But if you think of the time invested in research and chart watching… Just buy some fucking eth or btc.

Thank you for listening.

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