My phone with all my crypto was stolen


Hey guys, I did a very stupid thing and I would like your help to understand the best-case scenarios. Yesterday, someone stole my phone. All my crypto wallets were logged-in.

Mobile: Nokia 8.1 (Android), Google’s Find my Device isn’t helpful because the device is offline/switched off.

Now comes the stupidest thing I ever did in my life which is none of the wallets had fingerprint authentication enabled or any passcodes. I have no explanation to give for this stupidity. What are the options available?

When I go to recover my accounts using my private keys, (on another phone) how do I disable such wallets on the missing phone? Can I remove the information from the phone and wallets remotely? When I do recover my wallets to a new device, are they still active on the old device? If so, there must be a way to deactivate the app (on the stolen device). I don’t want to lose my wallet addresses. Furthermore, Will the culprit have access to my central exchange accounts? Should I make new ones or just file a ticket to ensure they know my account could be breached? any thoughts or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Any thoughts or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I apologize in advance if there are any grammatical errors or if I haven’t been able to explain myself properly.

PPS: Please upvote as much as possible so that I can get any experienced answers.

PPPS: If such a topic has already been discussed, please share the link with me in the comments, I’m sorry I don’t have much time to go through all the posts to find similar experiences. I’m already busy dealing with restoring my other accounts.

Thanks everyone!

Edit: Updated information about mobile.

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