My goal with crypto is to have a secure life with me and my family and get out of poverty.


As some backstory, I worked 48 hours a week and there are times I get severely stressed and there are times I get high fevers. Even if I am not feeling well, people at the company tell me to show up or don’t bother coming in anymore. I didn’t have a choice; I couldn’t find another job, so I put up with it all because I needed to pay my bills and eat.

That job was a mental nightmare for me every day. The whole company itself is toxic. Before I resigned, I made sure I had enough and invested some crypto and stocks and mutual funds. Fast forward today I found a better high paying job that was loads better than my previous job. Not only that, my crypto earnings had increased even better than my stocks and mutual funds.

With crypto, I want to secure myself and my family with pride. I never want to be in a situation where I have no choice but to put up with anything, and I’m hoping that crypto can help me with that. I also want to invest long term and make sure I don’t get emotional with the roller coaster ride with all the dips that have been happening in various cryptos. I was an early investor and fortunately it didn’t affect me.

I admit there are times where there my thoughts are divided between HODLING or Staking my crypto with defi protocols and/or crypto staking platforms till I’m confident to rely on my earnings, as well as whatever my future family will be OR selling it off because of the dip (and the news about LUNA) and start living a luxurious life showing off my nice house and new car but I learned that not letting people know your ups and downs of financial status is a lot better.

I’m attempting to train myself to work smarter rather than harder. I just want to get out of this cycle of poverty where I spend the majority of my income on bills, food and the endless cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck.

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