My goal with crypto gains are not yachts, planes and luxury living. I just want to secure myself and my family in case I lose my job or if in any way I am oppressed and humiliated again to have enough time to live normally until I find a new job.


Modesty is a virtue. Greed is not.

I’m not a greedy guy and when I entered the crypto world I never thought about how to make a million dollars with $1,000 of investment or anything like that.

Unfortunately I was working some jobs where I was humiliated, oppressed and worked for a small salary. I had no choice, I couldn’t find a new job and I endured it all because I had to pay the bills and I had to eat.

Every day of that job was a mental terror for me. The boss was a jerk, the colleagues were bad people. The company itself is bad.

After a year when I found a new job I quit right away without thinking and I can tell you that I now work in a great company with a solid salary for the standard of living in the country where I live. So nothing special, but at least I don’t have to cope with “mental terror” anymore and the team I work with is full with amazing people.

I want to insure/secure myself, my family and my PRIDE with cryptocurrencies. I never want to be in a situation where I have to endure all kinds of situations again because I have no choice and I hope that crypto will help me in that.

We never know what life will bring us tomorrow, but one should always have a backup plan. My backup plan is crypto and that is my hope for a better future.

If I can make a lot of money, great. If I fail, I have invested as much as I can lose and I will not fail financially.

This is my backup plan, never again I will be hummiliated and take all kind of sh*t from bad people who are not at my level. F**k them.

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