My final year university project: A unified interface for tracking your crypto and stocks, with tools for budgeting, taxes, income management, and a (locally run) AI chat bot.


Some of you may know of Cryptofolio:

For my final year project at uni this year, I’ll be expanding upon Cryptofolio. The new app, called CryptoShare, will feature:

Cryptocurrency Market Data Cryptocurrency Holdings Cryptocurrency Transactions Mining and Staking calculators Import transactions from ETH, BTC or ADA wallets Import transactions from exchanges using CCXT Stock Market Data Stock Holdings Stock Transactions Support for dividends Income Tracker Budgeting System Mortgage, Tax, and Insurance calculators Chat bot with NLP for doing most of the above

With staking, mining, and dividends, they would automatically be added to your balance.

It’ll also be completely open-source, self-hosted without any centralized servers, and would feature multi-user support with encryption for user data. A paid version will most likely be released on the Google Play Store as well, just like Cryptofolio right now, but obviously it’d still be available for free on GitHub too.

As far as the chat bot goes, you’d be able to ask it stuff like “can I afford a pizza this weekend?” or “can I afford to buy a $100 coat?” and it’d reply back with a yes/no, as well as how it’d affect your savings and budget.

It won’t be out for quite a while (I can’t make the project public until I get my grade as per uni rules), but I thought I’d make a post so anyone who’s interested can keep an eye out for it. It’ll most likely be released towards the end of July/August. In the meantime, I’d appreciate any comments or feature suggestions. I’ll write them all down, and if they’re feasible, I’ll add them to the project. Keep in mind that I live in the UK, so in terms of the mortgage, tax and insurance tools, they’ll be pretty much exclusively applicable to and designed for UK citizens as it’d be impossible for me to add every country, and it’d be unfair to only do a few.

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