My family thought crypto is a scam, Until…


As I’m a 21 yo girl and i started invested in crypto at the age of 18. So, no one’s gonna believe in me that a teenage girl can do anything right in investement so i decided not to tell anyone in family as my family thinks ” girls can’t do right business” already. So i kept it private.

I learned about crypto from the scratch. Obviously it wasn’t that easy to wisely choose the projects. It needed a good research. The good thing was I invested the money i got from my small online business. so it wasn’t my parent’s money at all. Luckily, after many ups and downs i made it!!! i only told my mom about it and she was like “they’re gonna steal your money , It’s a scam, your binance will get hacked, your money will be gone” jeez. I was laughing with anxiety after hearing all this.

Anyways In August, 2021 I surprised them with a car with my crypto gains. This was the first time they were so proud of me and actually believed in me that even a female can do right business. Unlike my family, crypto doesn’t discriminate.

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