My Dumb 18 y.o Brother’s portfolio has outperformed mine this year.


Not much more needs to be said I am absolutely speechless and beyond frustrated… this really speaks to the current state of the market

My mouth breathing, crayon eating, smooth brained brother’s portfolio has outperformed mine in the tune of hundreds of percents. I don’t know what to say.

My portfolio has the standard two big guys then most of r/CC’s favourite Alts that I do believe are undervalued and will appreciate long term in value. But my brother doesn’t have any of that as you can imagine 90% of his portfolio is shitcoins then 10% is in stables… and somehow he managed to buy into 3 different meme coins that did a 20x+

And now I won’t ever hear the end of it. God I hate the clown world we live in.

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