My CRO Rewards/Rebates from staking $4000 in Mid-April


I have a pretty diverse crypto portfolio and I know this community has a lot of split opinions about altcoins, but I just want to share my experience and earnings with CRO.

I staked $4000 USD for the Jade card in mid-April @ $0.21175 and only use the card for Spotify and Netflix rebates. Since then, I’ve accumulated:

1362.213 CRO in stake rewards (Currently $976.71)

1224.245 CRO in rebates (Currently $877.78).

Not only has my CRO gone up in value, but I’ve earned $1854.49 in the past 7 months for only staking! (Because I consider my rebates as me paying for Netflix and Spotify still)

I also directly deposit $50 a week into my Crypto account and use it to buy more CRO and occasionally loading up my card.

Hoping to upgrade to Icy soon for that sweet 12% and for Amazon rebates! 😀

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