My bank is changing its tune with me.


Now when I first got into crypto a few years ago then really ramped up my investing this year my bank hassled me massively on the dangers of crypto, how volatile it was, how it’s not backed by government etc etc. However they couldn’t care less when I was gambling on roulette or blackjack at the casino or betting on sports. Seems very hypocritical to me even though they seemed to disagree 🤔

However now it’s all changed. Now that my bank is adding the bitcoin ETF they have now contacted me to tell me about there new product called the bitcoin ETF. This annoys me to no end. For years banks have discouraged and even frozen peoples accounts for investing in crypto now they are promoting it and are saying “it’s safe”.

This is exactly why we need bitcoin and de-fi so we can all take control of our own finances and not have these leeches try and control us if we don’t want them too.

Has anyone else had any similar experiences? Cheers guys 🙂

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