My 5 picks to DCA through crypto winter. What are yours and why?


I think we’re getting close enough to the bottom now that it makes sense to slowly pick up DCA’ing again. Here are my 5 winter sale picks and why:

(I’m excluding BTC and ETH, which are still my two favs)

Cronos: BNB was one of the strongest (probably the strongest?) crypto between 2017’s ATH and 2020. I think CRO has the potential to be similarly resilient, but has way more room to grow than BNB. Algorand: The (relatively) drama-free next gen blockchain, works nicely and has always been undervalued in my opinion. At least compared to clownish Solana. Coinbase stock: Completely different risk/reward ratio (my most conservative bet), but a good way to diversify across cryptos, DeFi, and the NFT market. IOTA: I want to believe. WAX: Definitely my biggest gamble, but also seems undervalued compared to its competition. WAX is huge in crypto collectibles and has a large, active eco system, but isn’t even a Top 100 token. Doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

So, what are yours? And feel free to roast me ofc.

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