Mr. Robot, a TV series in 2016, predicted the creation of CBDCs.


Mr. Robot is a TV series based around a hacker and taking down the US financial systems. I won’t go into the details of the series, but in Season 2 Episode 11 (Aired Sept 14, 2016) there was a conversation between 2 people. The CEO (Phillip) of the largest financial company (Evil Corporation, yes really is called that in the series) and a person in the white house (Jack). This isn’t the full transcript, but these are the parts that predicted the CBDC:

Jack: I cannot do it. It is unconstitutional.

Phillip: Look, with Ecoin equal to one dollar it’ll free up the economy.

Jack: It’s unconstitutional. You can’t make your own currency. That is the federal government’s job.

Phillip: I am not the problem here. The problem here is hard cash is fading rapidly.

Phillip (cont.): That’s just the way of the world right now, and Bitcoin is spreading. And if Bitcoin takes over, we are all in a world of hell.

Phillip (cont.): It is unregulated, it’s already reached its transaction volume maximum and it is partly controlled by Chinese miners.

Phillip: With Ecoin, we control the ledger and the mining servers.

Phillip (cont.): We are the authority.

Phillip (cont.): I will make sure that you have visibility into every single wallet that’s open, every loan, every transaction, which means we can start making new assets, which means we cab start rebuilding the banking sector with your your having to inject even more politically unpalatable federal funds into it.

Jack: The president will laugh at my face.

Phillip: But he’ll know this is the right thing to do.

Phillip (cont.): This is going to be controlled by a good, old fashioned American company.

Phillip (cont.): You want to regulate it? Be my guest. Regulate the shit out of it.

Phillip (cont.): I’ll give you back doors, side doors, tracing, whatever you want.

Phillip (cont.): Just don’t shut it down.

Phillip (cont.): This was always the future, Jack.

If this wasn’t a fucking crystal ball then I don’t know what is.

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