Moving out of my hometown and onto a nice city for the first time, and it’s all thanks to crypto.


Even amidst the bear run, the ways in which crypto changed my life haven’t diminished. Thanks to getting into this space a few years ago through the generosity of a random stranger who tipped me some bitcoin, I managed to make enough to move out into my own apartment for the first time two years ago, and now tomorrow I’ll be moving out into an even nicer apartment, and live outside my hometown for the first time.

With my country blocking access to being able to own foreign currencies, this would’ve been impossible otherwise. I’d have been stuck the same as so many other young people, forced to use a declining currency that would never recover. But thanks to crypto, I managed to climb out of that hole and make something for myself, and for that I’ll be forever grateful to the space.

Crypto doesn’t just mean free money, it’s financial freedom, which for so many countries that aren’t the U.S. is so damn important, especially in these turbulent times. So bear run or not, I’ll be sticking with crypto for the long run.

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