Most toxic crypto community?


At least in my opinion, the success of a coin or a network is not just a matter of tech or financial prospects… community plays a big role, too.

A good team, clear, two-way communication with users, solidarity among people at different levels of experience, etc. are huge factors when it comes to choosing which project you want to invest time and resources in.

Call it virtue-signaling, but I’d rather have smaller gains with a supportive community than bigger ones while being surrounded by assh_oles ready to leave you in the dust at the first mistake.

Not naming names, but one time a certain sub I’ve asked for advice was being so condescending and unhelpful (bordering on rude) that I just lost interest in their network.

Again, not naming names (I’ll just tell you can know who I’m talking about… by connecting the dots, literally) but that’s an experience I’d rather not go through again.

What’s been your experience, have you ever been in a community so bad that you ended up peacing out?

Let’s discuss.

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