Most of the people here wouldn’t have been able to hold BTC from the beginning until now.


I see the sentiment towards ETH changing here, and it’s evident that many people lack both patience and faith in any of the projects they’re invested in.

BTC went through incredible amounts of pressure through its inception and growth:

In 2011 it fell 99% after the Mt Gox hack, down to a penny.

August 2012 -50%.

April 2013 -80%.

December 2013 -50%.

December 2017-December 2018: -84%

March 2020: -50%

May 2021: -53%

So I don’t quite understand the lack of faith in ETH. Are you not willing to see it through? Imagine you sell now, and in ten years, you look back, and instead of having life-changing money, you have a cute story to tell your kids about when you owned ETH.

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