Most of the “I got hacked” posts are bullshit


Most, if not all of those posts are just idiots who either clicked on suspicious links or had a stupid fuck-up they either don’t want to admit to or are oblivious about. It is difficult to have your system compromised or to “hack” your software wallet. Most of the hacks are social engineering that ignorant people are susceptible to. Please be vigilant about every link that you click, where you save your seed phrase, which smart contracts you interact with. And sim-swapping is very real (although difficult and expensive for hackers to carry out), just get a token-based 2fa.

It annoys me when people spread rumours about “hacks” when 99.9999% of the time it is their stupidity that caused it.

Edit : At this point I want to make it clear. I use the word hack as system/software-level exploits. Social engineering is a form of hacking, but new users tend to associate the word “hack” as some kind of computer wizardry to steal their crypto. And I am writing this post in that context.

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