Most of the crypto in your bag won’t make it past this next bear market.


My journey in crypto began in December of 2017, and I had decided that I would focus on investing in crypto projects that had real world application to them. In my opinion, projects that focused on real world usage had the greatest upside.

Listening to this subreddit, I was shilled some popular projects and did research on a variety of them, deciding I would invest in: FUN, REQ, WTC, and VET. Now, as most of you know, FUN, REQ, and WTC are very irrelevant if not dead projects now. I got lucky with VET, and was also lucky that I decided to consolidate my other holdings into VET because it showed the most promise. I made it out of the other side of the bear market in good shape because of this – as HODLing these other projects would have been a nail in the coffin.

So what’s the lesson here? Most of the low cap coins being shilled on the daily discussion are going to go down 95%+ in the next bear market and never recover. You have to be very careful about which projects you choose to HODL, and make sure you’ve done your due diligence to make sure you’re investing in more than “hype.”

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