Most of people just say DYOR before investing but not many really tell the actual resources required for them to do DYOR . In this post I have mentioned all the resources I use when I look to invest in a coin. Hope this helps for some


Now just for beginners who doesn’t what DYOR is Do your own research , no one can a coin which your going to invest better than you so it’s always better to do that before investing.

COINMARKETCAP – This is the first go to resource where you can find all the coins Ranking from 1-13K so you can find anything in there

Messari – This is just like COINMARKETCAP but I use this to filter coin based on sector and you can see dominance of each coin in each with various other information like supply and native staking rewards

Etherscan/BSC Scan – If your coin is either of them , this website can be used to check the holdings of your coin , anything above 70% in a single wallet is always to be looked up before investing

ICO Drops – I use this to see how the early investors were interested in the project , if they’ve raised more money then it means many investors were interested in buying those coins much earlier

Coin Market Cal – this website can be used to see if there are any upcoming events for the coin you want to invest

Crypt panic / coin telegraph – These are some of best news app that I look on regular basis to get a broader understanding

Lunar Crush – This is an AI driven website which can be used to find Alts and how they’re driven by social media engagement

Whitepaper – everyone should read this before investing

Medium – Many crypto project posts there unique feature through the website

Crypto Quant – if you want to do some onchain analysis this is the best website out there – some features are paid though I haven’t used them just free version suits me

These are most of the website I use when I look into a coin before investing and just buy doing this I’m sure you would be in top 5% who really does the dyor before investing in them. Please mention if I have missed anything would be nice to get some new tools for my next project

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