Most Newcomers Don’t Know Ethereum Once Crashed from $1400 to $85 in Year 2018


Everyday we see newcomers proudly state that something as solid as Ethereum will never lose 80% of its value but little do they know that Ethereum lost 94% of its value over the course of 11 months in the year 2018.

And it wasn’t until year 2020 that Ethereum started to see a slow recovery. Most newcomers never even witnessed the recovery altogether, because they came after TikTokers started shilling Shiba Inu and SafeMoon right around February 2021.

So what happened in 2020 and 2021 that saw crypto market surging 2000+%? Perhaps it’s the stimulus money handed out ever since. Perhaps people stayed more at home and they had more free time to check out investment opportunities. As the governments begin to taper out the stimulus money, the crypto market starts to slump over. I’m just pointing out this interesting correlation. Would be nice for everyone to discuss why it is and why it is not.

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